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Monday, December 5, 2016

Final Classes: Family Meeting Schedule

For Wednesday, December 7 in USC 245

4:30pm Pookie Pairs

4:45pm Costal Coasters

5pm SeaMonks

5:30pm Tongue Twisters

5:45pm Costal Writing

6pm Honeybuns

The final informal writing (no research required) 

IW #8: Reflect back on the whole of this semester. Decide what significant things you have learned (not just in my class, but please include my class in some capacity). Reflect on how you've changed and grown. In the spring, what will you change? What will you retain?

Final paper and informal writing portfolios shared with me on Google (\
Everything due Monday, December 12th @ 11:59pm.

FINAL CLASSES: Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Costal Final Paper Test: 

Portfolio & Final Paper MUST BE SHARED & Properly labeled TO by 11:59pm, Monday, December 12th.

Answer the following with the preface: Does your final paper: 

1. ...have approx seven pages of body work (Not including formatting pages)? If not, how can you add length without adding fluff?

2. ...have proper formatting (12-point, double-spaced, one-inch margins, Hacker approved APA-style?)

3. ...have an interesting, original, and relevant title?

4. ...have an effective, divisive attention-grabbing introduction that provides necessary background
information and establishes the controversy surrounding the issue? Does it accomplish this through the use of personal anecdote? Is the introduction adequate in length (no more than 1 page)?

5. ...have a specific and explicit/implicit thesis statement that evinces the main issue and the writer’s position? Is it argumentative? Does it contain a subordinate clause to drive complexity?

6. ...have logical development? Does each paragraph flow into the next, using the thesis as a road map to "fulfill the reader's anticipation?"

7. ...have sufficient supporting evidence? Does the paper employ strong ethos such as facts, statistics, examples, and expert opinions?  Is this support connected to the thesis in a meaningful way? In other words, is it  relevant, accurate, and representative?