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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mr. Costal vs. The Accuplacer Computer

Mr. Costal's MUST DO for Writeplacer: 

1. TIME: it's on your side. Edit. Edit. Edit. 

And if you don't believe that makes a difference...what if the computer is designed to consider the time it takes you to complete the essay into your final score?

2. STRUCTURE: At least four paragraphs, each one MUST have at least five sentences. 


Except intro, keep intro short. 

Use a quotation instead of rhetorical question?

Play the TWO QUOTATIONS game. 

3. THESIS: Use this: 

While _______ (other side of argument), _______________ (your side of argument)

EX: While luck is nice, my family's background and American history has taught me that true financial and emotional success can only come from hard work. 

Let's try this theory out. 

4. USE SIGNALS: "First" to open second paragraph. 

"Next" to open third paragraph

Write at least one sentence that does this:  "People spend a lot of time and money trying to build luck; however they would be better served by organizing a strategy for working toward their desires." 


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What do I do....cause I forgot as soon as I left B101

1. Send informals (#1 - #7) TO JCOSTAL@GEHRHSD.NET in ONE document BY Dec14th 11:59pm MINUS FREE ONE = SIX

2. Place my final paper in my e-portfolio at (I will place it in the "tab thing" called Communication - Writing Skills)

3. IN the e-portfolio, I will check other tab things to make sure I did what was due waaaaaaaaay before right now. I should write a reflection in the Teamwork Collaboration tab thing. And, I should write about myself in the Welcome page. Costal said it should be approx 350 words. Questions for this are on the November 30th blog post.

4. Happy Holidays to me!

5. Build a snowman.

6. Kiss my parents or guardians.

7. Write nice things about Costal on secret Stockton Crushes Twitter feed.